Provocative Australian talent...
Sarah Blasko

Dark, brooding, and gorgeous, Sarah Blasko releases new video to 'All Of Me'.

The strong images compliment the powerful fragility that the vocals convey. She is shown to be naked, but the details are blurred, the edges blending into the stark white background. Distorting in and out of focus, Blasko swerves to and fro, limbs loose, her uneasy expressions make for an unsettling sight.

Yet, it is organic and natural, free and potent. Working with a visual artist, Wilk, the pair have successfully created a compelling video that enhances the affecting weight of the music. It is simple but bold, where intimacy replaces sexuality.

The words compare love to being a newborn, connecting the ideas of nature, nudity and experience. The release is taken from her fourth studio album 'I Awake', recorded and self-produced in Stockholm and Sofia, with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.

After having finished her European tour Blasko is ready to tour Australia.

Watch the video for 'All Of Me' below.

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'I Awake' is out now.

Words by Sarah McRuvie


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