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The Ruen Brothers

Scunthorpe is a relatively unglamorous seaside town, at times rather down on its luck.

Aside from producing three England captains (Kevin Keegan, Ray Clemence and Ian Botham) the area doesn't have much to boast about. Quiet, sleepy and more than a little unrefined, it's the perfect breeding ground for debauched rock 'n' roll minds.

The Ruen Brothers hail from Scunthorpe and played their first shows in local working men's clubs. A fitting education for their visceral guitar laden thrills, then, which veer somewhere between The Cramps, Roy Orbison and even The White Stripes.

Previously working with Liam Watson in his analogue studio Toe Rag, the pair have stepped out on their own to lay down some fetid, feral thrills. For now, though, Clash are proud to present The Ruen Brothers' new video.

'Walk Like A Man' is loud and proud, tatty at the edges yet stylish with it. Pounding drums and razor blade guitars, this is an intimidating first start from the duo.

Watch it now.

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