His wonderful return...
'Dissident Song' screenshot

Raised in Glasgow, Rudi Zygadlo makes music which seems to sit in its own universe.

The producer has a flamboyant, prog rock influenced side, alongside an interest in electronic beats and avant garde classical composition.

Within those three points is where you'll find Rudi Zygadlo. 2012's Planet Mu reared full length 'Tragicomedies' became something of a breakthrough, allowing the producer to take his unique sound on the road.

New cut 'Dissident Song' is another strong, confident step forwards. The repeating piano line sounds like Philip Glass, while Rudi Zygadlo's vocal has rarely been so affecting.

Directed by Faces, the accompanying visuals are hugely engrossing. Set on the English south coast, it stars Coral Amiga as a young woman lost in the world.

Watch it now.

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'Dissident Song' is out now.

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