From his Rinse endorsed debut LP...
Royal T

Royal T has never been easy to pigeonhole.

Loosely categorised as Grime, the producer steals his influences from across the spectrum piecing together an elaborate musical jigsaw that is almost impossible to nail down. Debut album 'Rinse Presents... Royal T' found the producer on typically brave form, working with a number of guest MCs in the process.

Recently pairing up with Merky Ace, 'Music Please' is the result. Three minutes of all out Grime with a slight Funky flavour, the muscular bass is matched to the occasional flash of a sweet pop tip. One of the stand outs from the album, the track has all the energy of Grime circa 2005 without once looking back.

Chatting to ClashMusic recently, Royal T mused on his motivations as the album drew near: "I just wanted to showcase everything I could and put it into this album. Even if it isn't specifically grime in places, it's the direction I want to take grime in, it's what I think grime should be."

Check out 'Music Please' now.

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'Rinse Presents... Royal T' is out now.


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