Featuring unseen footage...

Casually subverting sexuality, Rex The Dog's new video 'Do You Feel What I Feel' caused quite a stir.

Out through Southern Fried on May 6th, the track itself is an impeccably produced piece of cold, clinical electro pop. Directed by and starring Scottee, the video showed three blondes whose impeccable bobs nodded towards the 80s.

Strangely beguiling and slightly unsettling, the video premiered on Clash and quickly filled out social media feeds with outrage, compliments and bemusement.

Now Clash have been handed a behind the scenes clip analysing the making of the video. Featuring Scottee outlining a few of his thoughts with regards to the central idea itself, this is an intriguing insight into the way the video was constructed.

- - -

'Do You Feel What I Feel' is set to be released on May 6th.


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