Out there electro from Finland...
Renaissance Man

Turbo's resurgence has been a joy to behold.

Perhaps unfairly branded as an electro redoubt, the label has shattered preconceptions with a series of daring releases which match sonic inventiveness with an itchy, immediate funk. Hailing from Finland, Renaissance Man perhaps embody this shift in Turbo's ethos.

A two piece, the production team have already added their name to countless slices of pulsating electro work outs. Yet as time progresses, their ability to cut through trends and impact their own personality, their own whims and idiosyncrasies on the sounds underneath.

Currently in the throes of creativity, Renaissance Man have placing a series of tracks online. ClashMusic have been lucky enough to be given 'Kish Free Zone' which feels like an electro track if it was build from the dirt that the end of the night leaves on the dancefloor.

Itchy, frenetic dance music with a techno edge, the video focussing on a dense array of footage retrieved from mobile phones. Dark and more than a little paranoid, you can watch it below.

RENAISSANCE MAN - KISH FREE ZONE from Renaissance Man on Vimeo.


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