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'Tarnished' artwork

Dublin's music scene is entering an incredibly rich new period of diversity.

The city is capable of producing the likes of Girl Band and September Girls, with its electronic scene also flourishing.

REID has already made a mark with his spectral, sparse, deeply affecting productions. Skeletal techno with an emotive edge, new EP 'Fractures' arrives on August 11th via M:UK.

Recently remixing British newcomers Woman's Hour, REID borrows the band's own Fiona Burgess to work on new single 'Tarnished'.

Due to be given a standalone release on August 4th, it's a vivid, engrossing glimpse into a talent rapidly blossoming. The production extends its tendrils across Burgess' voice, emphasising the fragility inherent in her delivery.

The video matches the sensitivity of the music, with the visuals featuring charcoal drawings being etched onto a young woman's body.

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