Pirates ahoy!
Randolph's Leap

The term hermit has all manner of meanings.

At heart, the word has religious connotations but more recently it has come to refer to someone who simply doesn't fit into society. Or it could just mean the loveable crab from Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' - who are we to say?

Randolph's Leap have a new EP and - coincidence! - it's called 'Hermit' too. The Glasgow based six piece have evolved from ramshackle origins, writing songs for fun and then releasing to see if anyone else gets the joke. By now a bona fide cult phenomenon, the band tied up a relationship with Fence Records earlier this year.

Latest EP drops on October 26th, part of the label's Buff Tracks series. By way of a preview, ClashMusic have been handed the video for 'Mutiny' - it sets the band's cute, endearing brand of songwriting to black and white scenes from classic pirate movies.

Watch it now...

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'Hermit' is set to be released on October 26th.


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