Damaged, Industrial graphics...

PVT don't seem to accept boundaries.

The Australian group seem to view uncharted territory as simply somewhere they haven't been yet, removing restrictions and flooding past barriers in the process.

New album 'Homosapien' is a case in point: returning re-energised, PVT match frenetic riffs to an expert control of electronics. Upcoming single 'Nightfall' is a great introduction. Clocking in at just under three and a half minutes, the song itself sounds like PVT have melted down a cupboard of archive gear and built a song out of the goo which slides under the frame.

Directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford, the accompanying video seizes on the band's latent retro-Futurism. A blend of 80s style visuals put through the shredder, 'Nightfall' is a dizzying, eye catching blur of music and colour.

Watch it now.

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