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Pure Love

Pure Love are both simple and complex. 

Frank Carter's first statement post-Gallows, his every utterance is poured over by fans. Perhaps that's why Pure Love are so dedicated, and perhaps that's why he waited until something quite natural came along. 

A partnership with Jim Carroll, the pair hit it off at a show in New York before swapping ideas. "About a week later he sent me twelve songs and one of them was just golden, and I could immediately hear vocals" he told ClashMusic recently. "I wrote lyrics there and then, sang it, recorded it, sent it back to him and that was it, we had our first song.” 

However it's not as easy at is seems on the surface. Releasing their debut album, Pure Love have moments of musical complexity amongst the pop nuggets - while Carter's lyrics are as dense and provocative as ever. 

Out on February 4th, debut album 'Anthems' has already spawned ambitious single 'Beach of Diamonds'. The initial video for the track came with a parental guidance warning, with Pure Love featured in a daring armed robbery. 

ClashMusic have obtained the Director's Cut. It's pretty special - all glittering visuals and searing drama, it seems to match the bravado of the Pure Love project as a whole. 

Watch it now. 

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'Anthems' is set to be released on February 4th. Check out a full interview with Pure Love HERE.



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