Tribal house?
William Kouam Djoko

The gaps between Western electronic music and African rhythms are being gradually filled in.

The internet has allowed styles such as Shangaan electro and kwaito to reach Europe and North America, while a new breed of producers are working non-Western sounds into their music.

Based in the Netherlands, William Kouam Djoko has been a guiding light for Europe's house scene over the past few years. Continually in demand both as a DJ and producer, Djoko is one of the lynchpins behind Amsterdam's always essential Late Night Society club night.

New cut 'Deflourished' though, finds the producer shifting direction. William Kouam Djoko opens with little more than sparse tribal beats, nodding towards his love of house whilst remaining faithful to the source material.

Shards of electronica filter through the track, which has a subtle euphoric feel. Eager for something different, the producer turned to illustrator Saša Ostoja and animator Niko Lanzuisi for a unique clip.

The video for 'Deflourished' picks up on these African influences, and takes them down an imaginative new path.

Check it out now.

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'Deflourished' is out now.

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