"Gonna turn, gonna turn, gonna turn to you..."
We Were Evergreen

We Were Evergreen may only number three people, but the group have an enormous range of influences.

New album 'Towards' is essentially pop music, but in amongst its insistent grooves, its impeccable melodies sit all manner of bizarre, outlandish ideas.

As the band themselves explain: "once we had the album, and had to choose the art work and our tracklisting, we surprised ourselves in the difference in our synaesthesia…We had all different colours. Orange! Blue! That was the surprise – that there is so much here."

Snapped up by Island Records, new track 'Best Thing' seems to exist happily in a world of its own. The vocals are akin to the Beach Boys in their infuriatingly catchy nature, overlapping in a carefree style.

The video for 'Best Thing' is online now - featuring some cracking dance moves and colourful costumes, it perfectly matches the band's imaginative streak.

Watch it now.

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