Manchester hip hop collective...
Virus Syndicate

UK hip hop is a curious beast.

Forever in the shadow of its bigger (but not always better) Stateside counterpart, the scene also has to contend with competition from the furious energy of grime.

So Virus Syndicate have had a lot to fight against. Hailing from Manchester, the crew pillage the crates on both sides of the Atlantic, matching a love for golden era hip hop with a taste for UK bass.

New single 'Sick Wid It' rolls on a dubstep-inspired bass line, with a nod to the grime scene in its tempo and ferocity. N'dege is on hand for added vocals, helping to take things down a notch before the MCs tear out the track in a no-holds-barred finale.

Out on February 24th, you can watch the video for 'Sick Wid It' first on Clash.

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'Sick Wid It' is set to be released on February 24th.

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