Brisbane four piece line up their second album...
Violent Soho

Violent Soho don't want to rest.

With their self-titled breakthrough album barely having time to cool off, the Australian band hit the road for an epic international tour. Maintaining a relentless schedule, the Brisbane group rushed back home earlier this year to lay down material for their third LP.

It's an itinerary which would shame most bands. Naming their second album 'Hungry Ghost' - in honour of the Buddhist belief in spirits which simply can't rest - the group are ready to unveil their new album.

Out on September 6th, 'Hungry Ghost' finds Violent Soho moving far beyond their slacker image. Sure, there's a definite grunge influence to their music, but those shards of melodic metal are backed with real heart, with a genuine determination to communicate.

"It’s stuff like status anxiety" the band explain, and worrying about living up to other people’s standards, and in the process become so distracted, sitting on the couch watching other people live their lives. That mentality is behind it."

Opening track 'Dope Calypso' is a case in point. Opening with a shimmering guitar riff, Violent Soho collapse into a heaving, writhing mesh of limbs with Luke Boerdam's voice at the centre: "all I say is all I know and all I know is what you made me..."

Watch the video now.

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'Hungry Ghost' is set to be released on September 6th.

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