Genre blending...

Record shops thrive on categorisation.

Shoppers need to know where to find certain cuts, with some genre names evolving simply of a need to shelve the latest 12 inch in the right place. But God help the person who defines Torqux.

Chopping up genres like a chef rampaging through some herbs, the production duo has that loose, skippy feel which is currently running through the house scene. Yet there's a directness, a percussive playfulness which could only come from hip hop, while that love of bass is straight out of the UK's own system culture.

It's a heady brew, for sure, even if we're not entirely sure where to slot the pairing.

New EP 'So Divine' is set be released on September 23rd, with MTA Records stepping in to support the producer. Tiffani Juno steps in on vocals, adding a soulful touch to the duo's complex machinery. 

The video for the track continually plays with perspective, as the camera loops around and models fly through the air.

Echoing the breakneck rhythmic approach of Torqux, the visual directness seems only apt.

Watch it now.

- - -

'So Divine' is set to be released on September 23rd.

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