It's a funky, lo-fi performance clip...
The Surfing Magazines

The Surfing Magazines seem to have hit upon a remarkable run of ultra-contagious, ear-worm melodies.

The band's new album - self-titled, natch - drops on September 1st, and it's a glorious package of taut, wiry indie punk hymns delivered with a Velvets strut.

Featuring members of The Wave Pictures and Slow Club in their line up, it's perhaps no surprise that The Surfing Magazines have a neat line in witty yet austere songwriting.

The band state: “Making this record was a real learning curve in a totally different way of writing and recording. The songs were written quickly and recorded quickly to tape. If you get it wrong that’s just basically on the record. It sure can focus the mind! New Day is a super quick tune. I’m not totally sure what its about. There’s some Russian dolls in there, a birthday clown and apparently I want to throw all my clothes away!”

New single 'New Day' is out now, with Clash able to premiere the performance clip - it's a funky, lo-fi number, both achingly cool and completely self-deprecating.

Tune in now.

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