Starry-eyed Velvets fun...
The Proper Ornaments

The Proper Ornaments are one of the most frustrating yet satisfying groups in the indie pop sphere.

Satisfying, in that their slim back catalogue of assorted seven inch singles and EPs contains some golden material, some sweet-as-sugar melodic gems. Frustrating, in that the band seem to pop up every six months or so, cough out another fantastic release and then hibernate for months at a time.

Collecting their early releases onto new compilation 'Waiting For The Summer' the band are providing fans with a handy catch up. Alongside British releases, the tracklisting contains some hard to find rarities as well as the odd bonus cut or two.

'Recalling' was originally pressed to vinyl by San Francisco's Make A Mess Records, but The Proper Ornaments decided to completely re-record the track for this release.

Working with Charlie March, those treble-drenched guitar lines are sheer Velvet Underground while the harmonies have that lazy, affected cool of the Reid Brothers.

But that's almost to do The Proper Ornaments a dis-service. Sure, they undoubtedly know their reference points but what comes through is a glorious sense of fun, the sheer enjoyment of being able to chop up pop songs into deliciously evil little packages.

Check out the video for 'Recalling' below.

'Waiting For The Summer' is set to be released on September 16th.

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