Animated by Japanese film maker Yu Sato

Those storms, eh?

All across the south of England, communities are fearing the worst as yet more bad weather descends upon their towns and village.

Not to make light of this (sometimes literally) life and death situation, but The Notwist's 'Kong' has suddenly taken on a very appropriate light.

Jaunty, empowered indie rock with a touch of electronics, the band croon lyrics about "the rain it wouldn't stop, the water filled the room our house got swept away..."

Japanese animator Yu Sato has completed a beautifully rendered, hugely imaginative clip for the band. 'Kong' suddenly references all manner of post-war Japanese cinema, from the enormous ape of the title to countless natural disasters.

Check it out now.

- - -

The Notwist are set to release new album 'Close To The Edge' on February 24th.

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