Probing, folk influenced songwriting...
The Lake Poets

The British music scene is saturated with dreary, folk-infused songcraft.

In the post-Mumfords world, it seems that any idea of 'tradition' has been replaced by a waistcoat, an acoustic guitar and the odd yelping chorus or two.

Yet The Lake Poets is something different. An alter ego for Martin Longstaff, debut EP 'Honest Hearts' is set to be released on June 16th.

Raised in Sunderland, Longstaff has a uniquely English viewpoint. Steeped in folk knowledge, he simply reflects what he sees around him: the crashing seas of the Northumbrian coast, the tumbling wastes of the North East and - above all - his family.

Stripped from his new EP, 'Honest Hearts' is co-produced with long-time collaborator Mick Ross. A warm, open, honest piece of songwriting, it comes equipped with a beautifully shot video courtesy of Ian West.

Check it out below.

'Honest Hearts' is out on June 16th.


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