London upstarts unveil new single...
The Bulletproof Bomb

Still not out of their teens, The Bulletproof Bomb have that precocious energy that only youth can supply.

Based in London, the band's spiky, no-holds-barred debut single 'Suitcase' set out their stall earlier this year. Straight to the point, there's the influence of New Wave here, with shades of The Jam lingering with the garage rock of The Strokes.

Lauded by Zane Lowe, new single 'Five Green Bottles' continues this promising streak. The Bulletproof Bomb introduce elements of ska, with that edgy offbeat fused with punk's energy.

With its clarion call to arms style chorus, The Bulletbproof Bomb recall the street suss of The Ruts.

Out on September 8th, you can watch the video below:

'Five Green Bottles' is set to be released on September 8th. Pre-order the single on iTunes or physically.

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