Down tempo yet stinging electronic songcraft...

A duo from the South of England, Seyr formed only last year.

Already, though, the pair have forged a distinctive voice. Gathering new material, their down tempo productions are matched to a stinging emotional intensity and the melodic sense of pure R&B.

New EP 'Nights Without' arrives on October 6th, with Seyr explaining that the tracks were seemingly written in the wee small hours of the morning.

"Everything was just recorded at home in our rooms, starting out by looping ideas and guitar parts, and then it developed from there," the pair said recently. "The music was mainly inspired by the frame of mind we were in at the time of starting the song. These ideas were sparked usually late at night and/or early hours of the morning so it reflects that kind of head space you're in at those times, which then led us to the title 'Nights Without'".

"These songs seem to follow that theme as well so it seemed like a nice fit. I guess it reflects both the restlessness and calmness you get in those times as they start out quite sparse. The lyrics were some what encouraged by the mixed emotions that were felt at the time of writing, mainly consisting of, confusion, love, paranoia and realisation."

'RHB' opens with gorgeous, glistening synth lines, before crackling into crackling, fractured electronics. Buoyed by a soulful vocal, Seyr are reminiscent of Burial's earlier work or even Mount Kimbie's more vocal-led productions.

Check it out now.

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