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Schultz & Forever

Denmark's music scene is in spectacular form right now.

Thanks to collectives such as Crunchy Frog a raft of young artists have broken through, producing music which is inspiring, bewildering and utterly unique. Jonathan Shultz is still in his teens, part of a generation who are open to new ideas.

Working under the Schultz & Forever banner, his music has a drifting, psychedelic feel alongside shades of dreamy pop music.

For Schultz, each song is imbued with its own, often silent, rebellion. "Everything around me changed when I realised that some of the values I was taught when I was younger weren’t something I believed in anymore," he says. "Values in religion and sex for instance; I was taught that sex is something that is kept locked in marriage. My music is about what I believe was my youth-transition from a fantasy world to reality."

Shot by the Here Today Sessions, Clash has obtained a special live clip as an introduce to his world.

'Silvia' finds Schultz & Forever on meditative form, expressing one of their most fragrantly beautiful pieces.

Exquisitely shot, you can watch the live session below:

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