Gentle, pastoral acoustic songcraft...
Saturday Sun

There's a peculiar quality to the sun in winter.

A hazy melancholia, a gentle light which pours subtly down from the sky. So when Saturday Sun come springing into our lives, we tend to think of something pastoral, something beautifully translucent.

Releasing debut EP 'Seagull' via their own makeshift Vive Le Fleetwood imprint, the band's debut album 'Orixé' drops on January 13th. Amid the calm, breezy songwriting Saturday Sun manage to impart something universal.

New cut 'Some Thing In The Woods' is a case in point, with its subtle nuances building into something grand. The video was the track was shot a few weeks ago, with Autumnal warmth raining down on the group as they frolic in the woods.

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'Orixé' is set to be released on January 13th.

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