A soft, soothing solution to break up blues...
Sam Brookes (Credit: Alex Kozobolis)

Sam Brookes needed to take a step back.

Always an individual, the songwriter wanted to focus on his sound, on renewing his approach to music.

So he went into the studio and started to pick apart his work, tumbling down new creative avenues in the process.

New single 'My Girl Drinks Coffee' is the result, and it's a soft, soothing solution to those break up blues.

The honeyed tones of the alt folk songwriter are instantly recognisable, but there are new elements that bring his music forward.

Sam admits “after a break-up it’s easy to feel like you are missing a part of yourself. On top of that you are left thinking ‘who might that person be sharing a coffee with instead of me?!”

Tune in now.

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