A solo project from The KVB's Nicholas Wood...

Nicholas Wood is continually making music, forever crafting fresh ideas.

A member of fuzzed out drone rockers The KVB, the musician recently moved from Southampton to Berlin, a change in personal circumstances that prompted a change in his music.

Using the name Saccades, Nick has begun to gather this new material together, a collection of hazy, daydreaming psych-pop gems.

On the new direction, Nick explains: “The solo stuff I was making for the last couple of years had mainly been dark, experimental electronic stuff, but I started to grow tired of making that kind of music and I just had this urge to make something more song-based and ‘classic’ sounding”.

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Early Rise Again', and it's a tightly-wrought nugget, a contagious slice of off kilter melody.

Tune in below.

Order Saccades self-titled album through Fuzz Club HERE.

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