First generation immigrants striving for the American dream...
Run River North

The American Dream isn't dead quite yet.

Just ask the people who travel to the United States each year seeking a better life, seeking a place with more personal freedoms, more room to express themselves.

A group composed of first generation immigrants, Run River North both embrace the American Dream and realise its falsities, constraints.

Working with producer Phil Elk - noted for his work with Fleet Foxes - the talented Californian group have completed work on their debut album.

Ahead of this, the band are set to focus on the UK with their British debut single 'Excuses'.

Exquisitely honed songcraft with a gleeful spring in its step, the track is emblematic of a band who deep down feel as though they are still finding their way in the United States. "The immigrant experience is unique, but our songs also address that universal struggle for identity," Hwang says. "We wanted to write about it and share the stories about being ‘dash’ American."

Shot with an impish sense of humour, the video for 'Excuses' is a revealing journey around the streets of California.

Check it out now.

Run River North are set to release their self-titled debut album on September 29th. Catch the band at the following shows:

4 London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen (with Jukebox The Ghost)
5 London Hyde Park (with The Libertines)

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