"No catch, no focus, no agenda..."

First a rapper, then a spoken word artist and now finally a singer and songwriter, RKZ has adopted many roles.

Really, though, these have only been rehearsals, a means for the London artist to experiment. Settling on a poetic sound which touches on neo-soul and trip hop, he fuses hip hop's production with a deeply British world view.

An ambassador for CALM - the Campaign Against Living Miserably - RKZ is able to match an down to earth worldview with a rare degree of emotional sensitivity.

New mixtape 'Science x Soul' is out now, but first Clash can unveil a sneak preview. The mixtape itself focusses on two lovers, their intertwined relationship, their trials, troubles and triumphs.

'Favourite Song' uses, well, a favourite song as a motif for exploring their emotional world. The production is languid, down tempo but with a bite, while RKZ's half-sung, half-rapped delivery is pitch perfect.

Check it out now.

Download 'Science x Soul' HERE.

Photo Credit: Kabilan Raviraj-Photography

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