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The German dance scene is dominated by towering spectres, by long held landmarks.

Think Hard Wax, Berghain... the landscape is largely set in stone, despite the often stunning breakthroughs some artists are making.

Which is why Golden City Sounds is so refreshing. Situated in Hamburg - and not the techno bastions of Cologne and Berlin - the label matches established names with newcomers.

Run by German house legends Boris Dlugosch and Isi Tüfekci (otherwise known as one half of Digitalism), the trio is completed by the figure of Raik.

A relative newcomer, debut single 'Hold Me' drops on January 27th and it's a little special. Retaining that classic house buoyancy, Raik fuses this with bass frequencies drawn from British soundsystem culture.

Henri stops by on vocals, adding a soulful touch while Raik picks up the intensity as the production stretches out in crisp, unhurried fashion.

Clash has grabbed the video for 'Hold Me' - somewhat appropriately, it's a vivid, intense chase through the night.

Watch it now.

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'Hold Me' will be released on January 27th - pre-order link.

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