Slow, entrancing indie pop..

Quilt are appropriately named.

The band make music to be drawn slowly over your head, to be clutched at during winter nights.

Soft, warm and comforting, each track evolves at its own pace, with Quilt's indie pop textures being illuminated by the faintest touch of psychedelia.

'Eye Of The Pearl' is sumptuous, beautiful almost purely for the sake of being beautiful.

Taken from their new album, the band recently shot an entrancing live session with Out Of Town films.

An intimate film, Quilt's performance seems as gentle and effortless as breathing. Watch them slowly exhale their way through 'Eye Of The Pearl'...

- - -

Quilt's new album 'Held In Splendour' is out now. The band have confirmed the following UK show:

2 London Windmill

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