Fan funded new video...

Fans are the most important thing.

The music industry may be dominated by marketing executives, social media analysts and (gulp) journalists, but without fans each of those people faces a lengthy walk to the dole queue.

PYYRAMIDS have developed a strong relationship with their fans. Helmed by Tim Nordwind from indie rock band OK Go and Drea Smith of He Say/She Say, the band's debut album became a cult success on its release last year.

Album highlight 'Invisible Scream' is set to be expanded for a standalone release, with both the EP and accompanying video funded by fans. Breezing into the UK, PYYRAMIDS played new music event the Oxford Gathering at the weekend.

Set to headline London's Barfly venue tonight (October 21st) Clash is able to premiere the group's new video. Shot in stylish monochrome, the clip features Drea Smith crowd-surfing: literally being held aloft by her fans.

Watch it now.

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