Anthem to the fading sun...
Pure Bathing Club

Summer's gone - it's a hard, indisputable fact.

The leaves are turning, the evenings are getting that little bit darker and scarves are appearing around our necks. However there are some who want to put up a fight, to let summer's flame burn a little longer.

Pure Bathing Club's music seems to come drenched in sunshine, in the shimmering haze of high summer. Yet there's a melancholic feel, a stillness which leaves a lasting emotional impressive.

It's an odd mixture, a light / dark fusion which runs through the duo's new single 'Dream The Dare'. Produced by Richard Swift, it features Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille working as part of an expanded four piece.

Out now via Memphis Industries, the track has a nostalgic, blissful quality which extends all the way to its video. An animated clip, it's one part mythology, one part 'Lord Of The Rings' and one part children's tale.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Dream The Dare' is out now.

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