Body Work duo return...

It can difficult to find a like mind, someone who shares your desire to push in a certain direction.

So in a number of ways, Posthuman are extremely lucky. The band pivots on two cousins - Rich Bevan and Joshu Doherty - who have known each other since childhood.

Signed to Body Work, the pair are responsible for numerous unique electronic concoctions. Billed as sitting somewhere between classic house and slo-mo techno, it's certainly an intriguing mixture.

New release 'Decompression' is sparkling, sci-fi fare which works equally well on the dancefloor and on the headphones. At times slightly unsettling, it's the sound of two musicians quietly doing their own thing, pushing back barriers and asserting their own identity.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Decompression' is out now.

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