"She's definitely been up to no good..."
Owl John

It's an album constructed somewhere between the West Coast of America and the West Coast of Scotland.

'Owl John' is the debut solo album from Scott Hutchison, a songwriter who has spent almost a decade powering Frightened Rabbit. Yet, as 2013 drew to a close, he knew that a break was needed.

An exhausting touring schedule had pushed the band to the brink, with Scott Hutchison seizing upon an opportunity to get away from it all.

Sketched out with a few close friends, 'Owl John' is both a statement and an alter ego, an escapist ploy and deeply personal (full Clash review HERE).

Out today (August 4th) it's an album which is much more than a sideways statement. Drawing upon the dislocation he suffered after moving to Los Angeles, the material is at times angry, full of frustration and the odd twinge of regret.

Much more lo-fi and raw than Frightened Rabbit, lead cut 'Red Hand' has a post-punk intensity. Clash is able to bring you new visuals for the track, which take the title to some quite literally extremes.

Scott Hutchison: "'Red Hand' is about a (fictional) scenario in which someone feels betrayed. It's sung from a male perspective, so it was nice to flip that on its head for the video. I have no idea where all that blood came from, I'll leave it up to the viewer, but she's definitely been up to no good."

Watch it now.

A full interview with Scott Hutchison is set to run on Clash later this week.

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