10 piece reggae collective...

Founded as a loose-knit menagerie of producers, DJs, MCs and more, Unit 137 have become an inspiring force on the UK reggae scene.

Playing dates around the country, the crew have taken their spiritual roots sound to some unexpected places. Continually pushed ahead, Unit 137 have begun to draw like minds, forging a skanking coalition of sorts.

onlyjoe are a ten piece reggae group, whose JA derived vibrations have been resounding across the capital for some time. Drawn into the Unit 137 orbit, the group recently sealed off sessions for new EP 'Play With Fire'.

It's political with a small 'p' as the band deal directly with the problems and frustrations they see around them. Sparsely shot, the clip for title cut 'Play With Fire' displays all the raw energy of onlyjoe's live shows.

Clash is able to showcase the video before anyone else - watch 'Play With Fire' now.

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'Play With Fire' is out now via Unit 137.

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