Sugar-coated noise...

There's an inherent problem with NO CODA.

The Swedish group have that torn and tattered early grunge sound down to a tee, throwing in a few shoegaze textures for good measure.

But they just can't help writing pop songs. Gorgeous, perfectly defined, killer pop songs. Now onto their third single, new release 'Heretic' is a case in point.

Sure, there's a latent rage to the songwriting - "if looks could kill I'd kill 'em all..." they purr - but it's all coated in sugar sweet melodies.

A true ear-worm, 'Heretic' comes equipped with a video from Victor Claeson. Blistering, vivid colours abound as NO CODA writhe and scream their way through 'Heretic'.

Watch it now.

- - -

NO CODA's new album 'The Entire Cast' is due to be released on May 14th.

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