Ahead of their new EP...

Liverpudlians tend to be extremely independent. The city is a breed apart, almost a city-state in the way it views the world.

Which perhaps explains Ninetails. The three piece hail from Liverpool, and have a lush, near orchestral take on pop music.

In line with late period Talk Talk or even The Blue Nile, Ninetails' output has a poetic sweep, a painterly touch which steeps melancholy in vivid colour.

Out next week (March 17th) via Keith Aspden's Pond Life Songs, new EP 'Quiet Confidence' is a beautiful return.

"Aesthetically I was inspired by really grandiose and romantic images and music" explains Jordan Balaber, whilst the structure "aims to evoke the feeling of having multiple epiphanies, each of which you quickly forget and try desperately to remember again".

In the end, though, music of such sumptuous beauty and clarify falls somewhere beyond words, somewhere beyond a list of nouns, adjectives.

Check out a teaser below for further insight...

Ninetails - Hopelessly Devoted (EP Teaser) from Ninetails on Vimeo.


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