Twin wordsmiths collaborate...
'In The Quiet'

At roots, it's all storytelling.

What are we talking about? Pop music, obviously. Stripped of genre lines, stylistic diversions, pop music is a realm for young people to speak frankly, to express things that matter to them in new ways.

Two signings to Island Records, Nick Brewer and George The Poet specialise in hip hop leaning spoken word parables. Using language as their instrument, the two work in quite distinct ways, in quite separate fashion to get their point across.

New cut 'In The Quiet' though, finds the pair crossing paths. A rare collaboration, Nick Brewer and George The Poet work in symbiosis with their voices crossing over.

As if that wasn't enough, Max Marshall is also on hand to lend guest vocals. A truly enticing trinity...

Check out the video below.

'In The Quiet' is out now. Nick Brewer's new EP 'Four Miles Further' is forthcoming - catch the performer at London venue the Old Queen's Head on June 26th.

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