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Detroit is a city apart.

Besieged by financial difficulties, the city's entrenched poverty has breed a resilience, a determination from its inhabitants. Jason Hogans made his debut in the late 90s, releasing material through Carl Craig's essential Planet E imprint.

Since then, the producer has switched styles, absorbing influences from any area which pricks his interest. Using the name :Brownstudy - don't forget the colon - the producer has unveiled a unified, individual voice.

"I'm spanking protocol" he says. "I still act like an 18-year-old and pass it off as eccentricity. I’m proud of that. Life’s too short to posture like you’re dignified. Nobody’s anything but carbon, water and a set of circumstances."

New album 'Life Lived Well' drops on March 10th, but ahead of this Clash has grabbed a lil preview. 'Red Dreaded Stepchild' is a woozy, blissfully psychedelic track with the production leaning towards jazz.

Loose limbed and laid back, there are hints of Detroit techno in here, of West Coast hip hop and a lot more besides.

Check it out now.

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'Life Lived Well' is set to be released on March 10th.

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