Beautifully sculpted video...
'Lady Vengeance'

Bands often make the most of their influences, namedropping artists plucked from the darkest realms of obscurity.

With Moolettes though, Clash are more than willing to believe their claims. Listening to their dulcet, ever-challenging music it's possible to hear traces of classical output, of jazz, of classic rock and psychedelia.

Singer Hannah Miller notes: "People can listen to Moulettes and hear Shostakovich, Miles Davis, Pentangle, Pink Floyd, Bjork and Skrillex. That is where we’ve all come from…everyone shares in over 80 years of recorded music history."

New album 'Constellations' was seemingly recorded in studios, churches, tunnels, workshops and bedrooms around Brighton and Lewes in the summer of 2013, and features everyone from Mystery Jets' Blaine Harrison to the god of hellfire himself Arthur Brown.

Ahead of this, Clash is able to premiere a video which is quite, quite special. Painstakingly animated, the clip for 'Lady Vengeance' matches the vivid complexity of the band's music in every way.

Opening with an ornate pre-historic world, the clip is dominated by animals who look like musical instruments. An extinction event is feared, with a meteorite soaring in from the sky.

Ending with a beautiful resurrection, it's an unforgettable video. Watch it now.

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