Dark-pop solo project...

Oxford's Blessing Force collective have already produced a number of forward thinking acts.

Everyone from Foals to Trophy Wife to Chad Valley owe a debt to the collective, which allows musicians to swap ideas and share resources.

Now Birmingham's Joe Robinson - a long time Blessing Force cohort - is launching his new project. Christened Motherhood it's billed as 'dark pop' - brooding, introspective electronic music with a soft, sharply defined melodic flair.

Loosely bordering the murky universe known as R&B, Motherhood finds the glamour in melancholy, the beauty in despair.

New track 'Neon Canvas Act' is sumptuously produced synth-pop, and the video is typically striking. Shot almost entirely in darkness, Joe Robinson is shown covered in LED lights - simple but effective.

Watch it now.

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