Canadians' new video, for your viewing pleasure...
Mode Moderne

Canada. Home to forests. To snow. To accents. And to some bloody magnificent music.

Mode Moderne are another outfit to chalk up beside your own favourites from north of the (stateside) border. The new wave-y crew is to release its new LP 'Occult Delight' on January 20th via Light Organ Records - said set features production from Joshua Stevenson, whose previous credits include Pink Mountain Tops and Jackie O Motherf*cker. Now now, there's nothing big or clever about swearing, bands.

Noisey - it's somewhere else on the Internet - said of this track we're premiering the video of: "...features [frontman] Philip Intilé's Nick Cave-esque vocals at their most charming." Charming probably isn't the word that comes quickest to mind when one thinks of how Nick Cave sings, but ne'er the mind. 

What we do know, from reading the PR: this lot are a good tip for those into the sweetly saddening sounds of The Smiths and Joy Division

Watch the video for 'She, Untamed' above, and find its makers online here.

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