Dark icy electronics from Australia...

Australia seems to be in the middle of an electronic revolution.

Each passing week brings a new talent to our shores, with labels such as Modular and Future Classics continually delivering sterling music.

Mikron are two young Australian producers, who fresh-faced demeanour belies the austerity of their approach. Dark, icy electronics, Ciaran and Michael Corcoran specialise in dystopian techno, in grinding machine-funk with an industrial edge.

Snapped by ZONE, Mikron are set to release new EP 'No Correlation' this month. Five tracks of pounding, metallic production, there's an itchy, contagious edge of Mikron's music which can't be denied.

Ahead of this, ZONE have handed Clash a new clip. Matching the sensory disruption of their music, the clip trails 'No Correlation' and utilises a quick-fire collage of images.

NSFW - may well contain nudity, you have been warned! - check out the clip now.

- - -

'No Correlation' is set to be released on May 12th.

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