New London based producer...
Michael Forrest

A hive, a warren of creativity, London remains a perpetual source of inspiration to those who live there.

After all, it's so dense, so sprawling, that it can often seem like London is - for all intents and purposes - the world itself.

Michael Forrest calls the city his home, using it as an interface to consume music. The artist's own productions fuse these influences into one unholy beast, matching the lurid IDM of, say Amon Tobin, with the glitch-hop of early Flying Lotus.

Throwing in slabs of indie's more cerebral side, Michael Forrest is set to release new single 'Infinite London' on February 10th.

A swarm of noise and texture, the video for the track rushes around London in a technicolor race to the finish.

Watch it now.

- - -

Michael Forrest is set to play London's Hysteria Bar tonight (February 6th).

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