Italian born producer with a penchant for quick tempos...

In dance music terms, a tempo shift equates to a revolution.

Altering just a few beats per minute can alter a track's mood, its character, it's flavour. In short: rhythm is everything.

Italian born, London based producer Memory9 has always been drawn to the more cerebral end of electronics, citing the likes of Amon Tobin as an influence. Recently, though, the beatsmith has been drawn to accelerated climes, to the ying/yang between 80BPM and 160BPM. 

New EP 'Red Falcon' drops on December 16th, and dwells in the murkier end of sub-low. Rhythmically speaking, Memory9 steals some the jungle rulebook, throwing in a few nods to drum 'n' bass and even footwork while he's at it.

'Dusty Red' is emblematic of the new release. Synths lurch in the distance, while in the foreground metallic percussion shatters Memory9's carefully constructed ambience.

Flooded with scarlet, the clip for 'Dusty Red' shifts from outer to inner space, using the intensity of the music to dive inward.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Red Falcon' is set to be released on December 16th.

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