Delicate, intimate live session...
Marika Hackman

The world is full of alt folk newcomers, of young artists piecing apart the acoustic template.

Yet even within this whirlwind, this morass of new talent, Marika Hackman stands out. The rising talent has a subtlety, a softness to her delivery which rises out of her surroundings - a delicately wrought individuality which gently breezes past her contemporaries.

New EP 'Sugar Blind' continues her artistic growth. Due for release on December 9th via Dirty Hit Records, sessions were produced by Charlie Andrew of alt-j and contain all new material with the exception of a striking Joanna Newsom cover.

Lead track 'Cinnamon' is already creating waves. Beneath the gently revolving acoustic patterns Marika Hackman delivers an earthy blast at what she terms "the dumbing down of humanity".

Ahead of the EP's release, Clash is able to premiere a very special live session. Shot beside a canal and underneath a viaduct, the natural acoustics seem to lend a certain intensity to the performance.

Stood alone, 'Cinnamon' seems all the more powerful, all the more frail.

- - -

'Sugar Blind' is set to be released on December 9th (pre-order link).

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