Intricately shot new video...

A cult producer in his own right, Ivan Smagghe has just launched a new imprint.

Les Disques De La Mort opened with a cut from Margot-Wadorf, and promises to be a label which truly treads its own path.

Manfredas take care of the second release, with the oddly named 'Uumellmahaye' due to drop shortly. Steeped in that grey area between the end of post-punk and the beginning of techno, their circular riffs blend DIY digital with some sharply arresting analogue signals.

A video for the track was shot in Lithuania last summer, and due to some unexpected time constrictions the team were only able to complete one single shot take.

Work behind the scenes was hugely complex, with twenty volunteers working as part of a five day workshop. Crafting a series of letters, the team assembled and ironed them together out of a greenhouse film.

Utilising a gradual change in frame rate, the entire shoot took around fifteen minutes of uninterrupted filming to shoot a video which lasts for a mere three minutes.

Bizarre, engrossing, hilarious and bonkers, you can watch the clip below.

Directors - Ruta Kiskyte and
Producer - Justina Briedyte
Production designer - Ruta Kiskyte
Art department - Laimonas Juzumas
Post production - Tape Studio
Make up artist - Tania Kaminskiene
Cast - Gintaras Zenkauskas

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