Mancunian trio deliver silky disco cut...
Ménage à Trois

Love, passion can't be surpressed.

Sure, you can deny yourself the thrill of attraction, the surge of passion but somewhere, somehow these feelings will make themselves known.

Mancunian trio Ménage à Trois are developing a reputation for silky disco, for productions which are contagious yet cerebral, measured yet emotive.

The video for the track was shot in New York, and features a neat inversion of the cupid myth. As director Marc Alain explains:

"White Noise was filmed over three months throughout New York City and is a modern twist on the classic tale of cupid. Instead of the traditional depiction as an infantile winged sexless cherub, cupid is shown as a grown woman that has become sick of her obligations and is done making everyone around her fall in love."

"We see her going about her daily life/ job highlighted by several interactions with the bands frontman Jonathan Flanders. The finale being when she decides to break free from the thousand year routine and turns the arrow away from the strangers and onto herself. Watch what happens."

- - -

Check out Ménage à Trois on BandCamp HERE.

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