Brooklyn newcomers...

Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig are close enough to be siblings.

In fact, some people no doubt mistake the duo for family. Working closely together on their music, the pair allow their harmonies to wrap around each other, becoming tangled up in each other's voice.

Forming the crux of Lucius, the Brooklyn newcomers have already made a Stateside splash. Debut album 'Wildewoman' was given a North American release by Mom + Pop, with its mixture of pop classicism and spiky Noo Yoik new wave being delivered with a seductive glint.

PIAS have stepped in to give 'Wildewoman' a British release, but before then Clash can unveil a new live session. Shot for American broadcasters KEXP, Lucius stroll through 'Nothing Ordinary' with a rare nonchalance.

Exhibiting all the confidence of a band who realise just how potent they are becoming, you can watch it now on Clash.

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'Wildewoman' is set to be given a British release in March.

Photo Credit: Peter Larson

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