New album 'Harness' incoming...
Loved Ones

Merseyside outfit Loved Ones caused a stir with their debut album, a crunching fusion of indie rock and electronics.

An offshoot of sorts from the oft under-rated Seal Cub Clubbing Club, the project recently went back into the studio to focus on new creative avenues.

Upcoming album 'Harness' is the result, and it takes the group's sound in a more dynamic, and certainly darker, direction.

New cut 'End Of An Error' leads the way, and it manages to both look backwards while casting its rod into the waters of the future.

Fluttering electronics meet assured songwriting, lead singer Nik Glover comments; “We tried to turn our traditional song structure on its head in 'End Of An Error', piling all the melodies into the verse and letting the chorus speed past with hardly any vocals. It's a song about naive teenage love and regret, and why sometimes ripping up all your memories of a relationship is better than trying to hold on to it.”

Tune in now.

'Harness' will be released on May 5th via Blood Records.

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