Scenes from London, 1906...
Liz Green

"Communication. Language. The Insufficiency of Words. Home. How to Fit in. Escape. Sea. Elemental Forces. The Edge of Something. Travel. The End of Something. Mythology. Love Lost. And Death."

A weighty list, but then Clash would expect nothing less from Liz Green. A songwriter is rare depth, her work draws from the well of music which rippled before the pop era: vaudeville, music hall, folk, delta blues and jazz.

New album 'Haul Away' was constructed in London's Toe Rag studios, using the minimal of equipment with nary an overdub in sight.

Due for release on April 14th, the forthcoming LP will be preceded by new track 'Where The River Don't Flow'.

Jaunty but with a sting in its tail, the song finds Liz Green in full storytelling mode, using her voice to rip between characters, emotions.

The accompanying clip is quite special. Opening with a street scene in London, 1906 the video then switches to a despairing young girl in front of a mirror.

Given a mysterious contract, the girl is thrust onto the stage - with some dark consequences...

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